Friday, 7 June 2013

12 Doctors Challenge: Doctor #1

Now I won't say I've been loving the 'new who' (meaning the more recent doctor who series, starting with Christopher Ecclestone and going up to the current Time Lord, Matt Smith), but I have been following it out of some strange sense of obligation.
I can't really describe it: I recognise most of the writing as sub-par, I notice sexism and inconsistencies on a regular basis, and went through the entirety of Russell T. Davis' 10th Doctor run wanting to gauge my eyes out and throw my telly out the window. And yet, I've stuck with it.
Anyway, as I'm sure many will know, Smith will be leaving the show at Christmas, meaning we'll be getting a new doctor. The internet has predictably been ablaze with suggestions, ranging from the interesting to the boring and to the downright silly.
Personally, I had thought a child actor, and have him be the Doctor's last regeneration: meaning he started off looking old and ends his life looking young. Maybe have the Byrds singing 'My Back Pages' in the background as he passes away/explodes/turns into fairy dust.
But I digress.
One suggestion in particular has so inspired me, I had to draw this. One of my favourite authors and twitter/email correspondent Philip Reeve recently posted this on his blog: his son Sam may have come up with one of the best casting ideas in recent history: Tom Waits as the Doctor.
Naturally, after scraping the fragments of my exploded brain off the walls and floor, I drew this.

I imagine Wait's portrail as being a mix between his Renfield in Coppola's Dracula and Dr. Heller from Mystery Men (both performances which made those films two of my favourites ever). Along with everything Mr. Reeve suggests in his blog post, I'd add that his sonic screwdriver look like it was made from recycled scrap metal, and that his companion be the ghost of Russain astro-dog, Laika
Here is the picture in obligatory seedy black and white (click to embiggenify).

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments :)

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